U-SHRINK Services


Let us design your dream worksite. We have created sites where builders have worked on all stages of their project effectively indoors. From digging footings undercover, right through to exterior painting in a perfect environment.

U-SHRINK understands the importance of bringing projects to completion on time and within budget. Unplanned delays due to weather are the biggest frustration to the construction sector. To solve this issue, U-SHRINK has been right behind the push for productivity improvements using shrink wrap encapsulations.

Our shrink wrapping solutions are quick to install, rigid and totally weather tight. U-SHRINK eliminates the need for heavy time consuming tarpaulins that leak and flap. Shrink wrapping allows natural light in and also allows all trades to work in all weather conditions. In winter, weather contained buildings can still operate internal heating systems.

U-SHRINK carries the full range of zipper doors, windows and ventilation ducts. These are simple to install and can often make a significant difference for access as well as getting materials off and on the site. Call us for advice on design requirements of your weather containment needs and a free quote.



U-SHRINK Principal, Matt Trayes has Captained Super Yachts and worked in the marine industry for many years including handling many vessels on and off the dockwise fleet and foreign going vessels. It is widely recognised that quality standards relating to all aspects of the operation of Super Yachts is at the absolute upper limit of expectations and it is from this environment that U-SHRINK offers an unparalleled service in meeting Super Yacht skipper's requirements for weather and environmental containment.

Managing environmental hazards is now a critical part of marine industry construction and maintenance. U-SHRINK have fully embraced these needs and our marine tents can be constructed to manage requirements like extractor fans, ducting systems etc where overspray and other bi-products require particular management.

If you own a small pleasure craft, shrink-wrapping is the perfect way to winterise your boat as it provides a complete weather tight cover and small waterproof vents allow internal air flows.


Scaffold is often an integral part of Shrink-wrapping. It is imperative that scaffold structure is constructed in a way that it is fit for purpose.

In this application, the scaffold serves 2 purposes. Firstly, to provide effective access and workability, and to act as a sub-strait to support our encapsulations.

U-SHRINK can manage the scaffold process for you, creating the ultimate design and serving all your needs. Either by supplying and installing our own scaffolding, or for larger projects – managing the design alongside reputable leading alliance partners.


U-SHRINK solutions can be used in the critically important area of containing sandblast residuals or chemical stripping of hazardous materials such as lead, asbestos and heavy metals. A completely contained U-SHRINK tent with heat-fused seams will virtually contain 100% of sandblast or chemical abatement residuals, as well as allow complete project and equipment weatherisation or winterization protection. By involving U-SHRINK in the preliminary stages, we will manage the best scaffold design, accommodating all your needs as your job progresses.

Areas where we have unique, specific experience are:

• Dust proofing and containment
• Sandblasting and painting enclosures
• Environmental containment enclosures – including over water-ways
• Spray booths
• State highway bridges
• Asbestos removal enclosures
• Lead abatement containment
• Decontamination tents
• Rust scaling containment
• Glass crushing and recycling containment

We can't think of a better way to contain hazardous materials than the installation of a low maintenance, reliable containment U-SHRINK solution.

Leaky Buildings and Renovations

U-SHRINK has been right at the forefront of the building industry and homeowners on all the issues faced regarding leaky buildings.

U-SHRINK Principal Matt Trayes is a New Zealand qualified builder and understands the need for productivity improvement in the industry. A well designed and constructed wrapping system for recladding or renovation project provides the perfect waterproof solution for builders and other trades to finish the project without weather interruptions and to get the home owners back into their treasured position. In some instances, home owners can remain in their homes for the duration of renovations or repairs.

Call us for a quote on our leaky home enclosures.


Transport Packaging

If you need anything moved from "A to B" U-SHRINK is without doubt the best way to protect any asset from the elements. Shrink wrapping really molds itself around irregular or complex shapes, such as:

• Palletized loads
• Equipment
• Wood products
• Super-yachts on Dock wise
• Industrial plant
• Mechanical
• Airplanes
• Helicopters


• Billboards
• Signage
• House parties – or large scale event tents – U-SHRINK has you covered.


• Christchurch
• Tornado (Glenfield and Hobsonville)
• Civil defense
• Navy/air force